As Blogging 101 told me today is a day for relaxation, I would just like to express how lucky I am to be a university student at Oxford who has an average week like this:

Monday: I spent an hour-and-a-half scrutinizing a nude torso at a lecture in the Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean museum. At a lecture given by one of the world’s leading authorities on this type of sculpture.

Tuesday: I learnt how to dance two different types of foxtrot. And afterwards sipped my first Lebanese coffee for a restaurant review.

Wednesday: I restocked my supply of fresh fruit and vegetables from the weekly market on Gloucester Green. 8 hours later I followed a Bacchic procession to a club and partied for free at my college’s Halloween bop. Then walked 10 minutes back to bed.

Thursday: I chatted about art with the smell of coffee wafting around the room in my tutorial, held in a room above “the only independently owned and run coffee shop in Oxford”. That night I applauded the first ever 18+ play to be performed at the Oxford Playhouse. ‘The Pillowman’ received a standing ovation.

Friday: After answering questions from a sofa in my second tutorial of the week, I hitched a ride to Waddesdon Manor and gazed at one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the past 30 years being exhibited there. Later that day I won a game of Senet (a 5,000-year-old board game) at ‘Egyptomania’ the Ashmolean LiveFriday event of the month.

Saturday: Whilst reading on a bench, I was surprised by something in my college’s 17th century Old Quadrangle that I had never noticed before. Then I watched the ballet ‘Coppelia’ with new friends at the New Theatre, with a glass of prosecco beforehand and a front row Circle seat, for £16.

Sunday: I woke up for a budget full English fry-up in hall, reflected on the amount of work I had yet to do over a pancake stack, and started planning for the week ahead.


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