The South Park Fireworks in Oxford I saw last Saturday was awesome, but lacking in festive vibe. The bonfire was impressive, and it was thoughtful of the organisers to light it after the fireworks display, so as to not to brighten the sky and detract from the majesty of the fireworks. Also to let us approach the bonfire. Perfect for warming myself up in preparation for the cold 30-minute journey back to my room.

However, although there were lots of children, it did not bring back memories of my primary school fireworks night. There were no toffee apples, apple-bobbing and tombolas. Our fingers itched to twirl sparklers, but although children were playing with them the salespeople did not mingle with the crowd and satisfy our childish urge. More importantly, since this would be the first bonfire I’ve seen, I was hoping that they would burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes. All in all, the event lacked meaning; apart from the charitable cause (ticket sales go to local charities).

A foodie’s advice for the night: look before you queue. An evening that started off well with a warming cup of Nutella hot chocolate soon turned into a struggle against being frozen into a human ice sculpture in a 20-minute queue for a beef and potato wrap roti from the Caribbean Hut. By which time a friend had bought a burger, eaten it, gone in search of water, and quenched her thirst. It had the shortest queue in sight, but the longest waiting time. Each portion of filling was individually microwaved before being wrapped. Around 2 minutes per person. This amount of time kept customers waiting and did not deliver piping hot food. I wish that the toy parrot could’ve explained their madness. But it just looked on, speechless. The situation was worse than that at the Bolitas stall at my college ball, where the warming capsule had one crater for each Brazilian cheese ball. Those balls were meant to resemble lottery balls, which get jumbled in a bag anyway. Didn’t understand why they couldn’t have put them in a popcorn warmer. Oh, the patience of the starving masses.


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