On what might be the first car journey home during which I managed to stay awake for the entirety of the route, I…

  • Saw a car, looking very normal with an existing numberplate, with another numberplate dangling off on a chain at the back.
  • Heard a telephone ring, established that it came from none of the phones within our vehicle, and realised that it was probably ringing ice-cream-van-style from this van in the next lane along:
  • Noticed a quintessentially British place name, “Warninglid”…
  • …and likewise for a service station, “Pease Pottage”. Which I looked up online and saw that a man had just the previous day been arrested there for drug-driving. In the 1st week of the introduction of drug-driving laws.
  • Saw my first ever wild pheasant. A stunningly beautiful common pheasant, which was by that time an unfortunate road kill.

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