Um, Kinder Surprised…


Only recently did I learn that Kinder Surprise eggs are banned in the United States of America, under the 1938 Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics Act, for containing a toy inside a confection. Continue reading


Whilst revising into the early hours of this morning, my batteries were recharged by the prospect of having an excuse to go to McDonald’s, to celebrate its 60th anniversary. But alas, I did not factor in the time difference between UK and USA time zones, and learnt just now that the anniversary was yesterday


Not all that is gold glitters

Inca ColaHaving gushed about the Japanese soft drink Marble Soda (actually called Ramune, or ラムネ) in my last post, I thought I should balance the records a bit by mentioning this not so nice soft drink I discovered a while ago at Camden Lock Market in London. This bottle of Inca Kola tried to make my eyes sparkle, but failed. Bubblegum is a nice way of describing the flavour; actually it tastes like bubblegum and cough medicine. “Golden” is a euphemism for toxic yellow. But this soft drink is more popular than coke in Peru! It is, after all, a Peruvian brand. Tired of my complaints? Listen to a more favourable review from Soda Tasting.


Surrealism and food


Grandmother Moorhead’s Kitchen, image from the Telegraph article ‘Leonora Carrington: last of the great Surrealists’.

Today being the anniversary of the birthday of Leonora Carrington, one of my favourite British artists from the 20th century, I thought I might have another look at one of the first paintings of hers that I saw, at a 2010 exhibition entitled ‘Surreal Friends’, at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester. Continue reading