Shogun Ramen: ‘Tonkotsu is the base of all their ramen’ – restaurant review


A Japanese ramen bar specialising in tonkotsu

Alone but want to eat out without looking like a loner? Then try a ramen bar – they should have quick service, friendly staff, mind-boggling condiment and food containers to divert you, and customers just like you. Continue reading


In Search of England: Why living in Eastbourne ruined me

Eastbourne Pier Fire

The pier in flames on 30 July 2014, which I walked down to and witnessed

In the spirit of the ‘ruins you for life’ series on Buzzfeed, and in response to the report about the unhealthiness of our high street, here are 10 reasons why living in Eastbourne ruined me, in the form of activities I can do for under £10 (and mostly for free) on a day out, setting off on foot from my doorstep. Continue reading