Why Living in Eastbourne Ruined Me

In the spirit of the “ruins you for life” series on Buzzfeed, and in response to the report about the unhealthiness of our high street, here are 10 reasons why living in Eastbourne ruined me. There are few places where I can do all the following things for under £10 on a day out, setting off on foot from my very doorstep:

9. I can play at seagull dodging when walking around with a sandwich in hand. A warning if you ever go to Eastbourne and snack in public – the seagulls are successful dive-bombers. Their guerrilla tactics are too good for them to be caught on camera.

10. I can see 3 fireworks displays simultaneously on New Year’s Eve (well, in the first minutes of 2015) – one due south and another due west from my home windows, and one on the TV. Sorry, no photo since I was too busy watching the fireworks. This has to be seen to be believed.

Despite all the teasing I get (“you must be the youngest person to live in Eastbourne”), one does have to appreciate why the town is so popular with the retired, and I am very privileged to have been able to grow up here.


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