The White Rabbit: ‘Tasty but unimaginative and disorganised’ – restaurant review

The White Rabbit pub

Margherita Pizza and Mad Hatter Calzone at a gourmet pizza pub

Last term I was recommended pizza from The White Rabbit pub by a friend. I had walked past it on many occasions, and observed its boast of serving “gourmet artisan pizza”, but not being a fan of pub grub, had passed the opportunities to eat there. But now here was a recommendation, and my interest was piqued. Continue reading


Wontons in broth: A Chinese comfort meal for stressful times


This is how we cook wontons at home

I’ll herald in┬áthis┬ámonth of examinations with something that counteracts stress: wontons! Wontons in broth are one of my favourite comfort foods; I can eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and making wontons is fun and therapeutic. Continue reading