Celebrating 7 Helpings of Oxford

Christmas Dinner Cake

Christmas dinner cake from The Cake Shop in the Covered Market

I applied to the University of Oxford because I loved the course, the prestige, and the collegiate system. Also because of the history and architecture of the city. Nothing could have persuaded me to live there more, except if I had known it was also a foodie’s paradise. I am happy to have been able to (I’ll give one reason for each day of the week):

  1. Cook and eat fresh food, bought (from especially friendly people at the vegetables and fruit stalls) in the Covered Market.

The Covered Market is on Market St. Open 08:00-17:30 Mon-Sat (for food I generally go before 16:00) and 10:-16:00 Sun (though not for food).

  1. Sample wacky flavours at the three G&D’s ice cream parlours (white Russian, vodka, mulled wine, mince pie and brandy butter, pumpkin pie, butterbeer, wasabi, etc.), and stay until midnight.

The 3 G&D’s ice cream parlours can be found on:

  • 55 Little Clarendon St.
  • 94 St. Aldate’s St.
  • 104 Cowley Rd.

3. Plough through my reading list sitting Japanese style with a large hot cup of Formosan bubble tea. See my comparison of Formosan with Chatime in Oxford.

Formosan can be found on 128 High St. in an alley leading off from High St.

  1. Reminisce of home with an accidental microfoam image of the Guangzhou Ram (from the Guangzhou Five Rams statue) on my flat white from Java&Co.

Java&Co can be found on 35 New Inn Hall St. [No longer there as of 2016]

  1. Dine on Middle Eastern cuisine from Beirut to Lebanon, then have the opportunity of smoking shisha in the back garden tent, at Le Kesh.

Le Kesh can be found on 180 Cowley Rd. There is a hookah tent where you can smoke shisha for £10 per shisha, on condition (which is not mentioned on the restaurant’s website) that each smoker has to buy at least 1 drink.

6. Drink a cocktail from a teacup on a Tuesday Jazz Night, at The Mad Hatter.

The Mad Hatter is found on 43 Iffley Rd.

7. Travel the world through my tastebuds during my lunch break from the library at the Gloucester Green Market in my last year of University, on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (on Peruvian Ceviche, Tibetan Wedding Soup, Jamaican Chicken Pumpkin Soup, Spanish Paella, Japanese Gyozas, Chinese Dumplings, etc.).

It goes without saying that the Gloucester Green Market is on Gloucester Green.


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