My one month hiatus is over. My student card has expired. To make matters worse, the British railway system has again annoyed me no end for the duration of my journey home. My 14:34 train to Gatwick had its arrival time changed to 14:40 at 14:34, and was assigned a platform number only at 14:40. At the penultimate stop of Redhill, we were told that the train to Gatwick would not, in fact, be reaching Gatwick but we would have to alight and catch the train at platform 3. The lifts at Redhill were all out of order, which meant that had help not come from a kind gentleman, the time it would have taken for me to lug my suitcase up and down stairs would have meant that I would have missed the train to Gatwick through no fault of my own. By the time I got to Gatwick I had one minute to make my train to Eastbourne, which of course I missed, so had to wait another half hour. Even if I had no luggage to carry I still would have missed it, because of the lack of signposting for platform 7, which meant that I had to ask a workman for directions. With Gatwick¬†being the UK’s 2nd largest airport you would think that there would be clear directions to ALL train platforms but no. The workman told me to go down the escalator, and so I got to the escalator, only to be confronted with a sign telling me not to haul my suitcase onto the escalator because it was too dangerous. Funny how they have such a silly sign but not something useful like directions to platform 7. The train arrived “on time” but of course in British train terms meaning at 15:50 for the expected time of 15:49. At least Southern Railway apologises for their issues. Though a cheerful “what a lovely day it is today” only made me think how much happier I would have been if I had been able to get home earlier and enjoy it.


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