The Dalmatian Coast: A funny thing happened on the way to the peristyle

I visited Split with my Dad in July this year, the first stop in our journey along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and on my first journey using a mobile boarding pass. Game of Thrones fans will know the city for being the filming location for the dragon pit in Meereen; this is the underground caverns of Diocletian’s Palace.  There we saw many interesting sights – in Split we saw a dalmatian dog with spots of the darkest black which Cruella de Vil would drool over, and in the nearby UNESCO World Heritage city of Trogir, we encountered an ice cream flavour in my name (‘Hello Kitty Pinky’) – and had some embarrassing moments like falling short to pay for a meal; my Dad had to rush back to our hostel for more money, and we were dining, ironically, at a restaurant called NoStress. Here are some photos of other things we spotted on the way to the peristyle.

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