Spectre is just short of spectacular


People say it was always going to be tough to follow the success of Skyfall. Also, Skyfall left us in no doubt as to what the new 007 would be like: loyal, sensitive, and haunted by the past, with ever more personal missions. But the new James Bond film Spectre was not as predictable as it could have been, and made significant improvements to the weak areas of the last film. From positive to negative, here are my thoughts on the latest Bond film which was released yesterday. Continue reading


From Monday there will be a charge of at least 5p for each “single-use” bag shoppers use to carry their packaged food. Why are they called “single-use”? I use them to line my bin, carry my shoes, etc. And the category “single use” should technically also include the thin clear bags we use to put our groceries in, even though the regulations specify that these clear bags should be exempt. Surely the name “single-use” encourages shoppers to think that their basic shopping bags are not able to be reused, and therefore throw them away though they are perfectly reusable if there are no spillages inside or holes in the material. Why not use the term “branded bags”, a name that will not foster such an unethical habit?