Mad meditation #2: Toilets

Don't Miss A Sec

Window-cleaning ‘Don’t Miss A Sec’, an art installation by Monica Bonvicini which stood outside Tate Britain in 2003 and functioned as a public toilet for passers-by, only in a cubicle made from one-way glass like you get in police interrogation rooms. The artist explained in an interview that “it relates to the urge, during big art events where so much is about “see and be seen,” to not miss anything. At any big art event, everyone needs a bathroom at some point. If you use the work for it, you are still able to see the next artwork, who is passing by, who is talking with whom, and who is wearing what. At the same time, you can literally show your ass to them.”

Today is World Toilet Day, so I thought I’d celebrate it with a look at some toilet tips. Continue reading


Eyes on Eire – Limerick and Galway

King John's Castle

A view of the river Shannon from King John’s Castle in Limerick

Last week I spent a weekend in Limerick with a friend studying at the university. My stay was short but not uneventful – I drank “the best tea ever” (at The Kitchen in Galway), and I saw a newly wedded bride (crossing Thomond Bridge), a baptism (in St. Nicholas Collegiate Church in Galway), and a kitchen in smoke (on university campus). Continue reading


3 Idiots – The ultimate feel-good college movie

3 IdiotsMy pick for Diwali this year would be 3 Idiots. This film had been recommended before by everyone I spoke to about Bollywood, but the title never appealed to me. Nor did the plot: the film starts in medias res, when two of the three idiots receive the first of several clues that will lead them ultimately to their lost university friend, the third idiot, and the film consists mainly of flashbacks of their antics as students.

But when I finally watched it, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Continue reading