To reflect on this past year, I’ve collated the results of my moments of unproductiveness and self-affirmation. What I learnt about myself from online questionnaires, assessment games, and other interactive gimmicks. Have filtered out the ones that are less true and kept the most accurate feedback…

1) I am “a light switch away from greatness”.

Energy saving

2) I should have been born in 1975.

From 1975

3) If I were a movie genre I would be an Indie Rom-Com.

Indie Rom-Com

4) I am the brainchild of Abraham da Vinci.

Abraham da Vinci

5) If I were a punctuation mark, I would be a question mark.

What punctuation mark am I?

6) My general knowledge ethnicity is British.

General Knowledge             

7) My social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) personality equates to, in ice cream flavour terms, soda bread poppy seed peach cobbler, Pluot Ginger Cake Chestnut, and Huckleberry Chai Prune.

Talenti Gelato flavourPluot Ginger Cake ChestnutHuckleberry Chai Prune

8) I am generally able to compensate for my personality weaknesses.

Arctic Shores 1Arctic Shores 2


Malta in Moments – little treasures and big memories

As you can guess by now, I’ve been abroad in Malta this past week. Though it has a tiny population of around 420,000, Malta is famed for many things and has much to be proud of for an archipelago smaller in area than the city of Hong Kong. It has the oldest man-made megalithic structures in the world, the world’s 4th largest unsupported church dome, Europe’s 1st planned city, and the world’s only Semitic language that is written with a Latin alphabet. The success of the Knights of St. John in the Great Siege of 1565 halted the westward expansion of the mighty Ottoman empire, and the bravery of the Maltese in withstanding one of the worst bombing raids in WWII was rewarded by Britain with a collective George Cross. Malta is also the only place other than Britain which Queen Elizabeth II calls “home”, and the Maltese’s homeliness is just as impressive as their history. Meals are served in ample portions, and the people are by and large friendly and helpful. Here are some little treasures I stumbled upon during my stay, including some snaps of Maltese mischief at play, and some big memories to finish off this gallery with a bang! Continue reading