To reflect on this past year, I’ve collated the results of my moments of unproductiveness and self-affirmation. What I learnt about myself from online questionnaires, assessment games, and other interactive gimmicks. Have filtered out the ones that are less true and kept the most accurate feedback…

1) I am “a light switch away from greatness”.

Energy saving

2) I should have been born in 1975.

From 1975

3) If I were a movie genre I would be an Indie Rom-Com.

Indie Rom-Com

4) I am the brainchild of Abraham da Vinci.

Abraham da Vinci

5) If I were a punctuation mark, I would be a question mark.

What punctuation mark am I?

6) My social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) personality equates to, in ice cream flavour terms, soda bread poppy seed peach cobbler, Pluot Ginger Cake Chestnut, and Huckleberry Chai Prune.

Talenti Gelato flavourPluot Ginger Cake ChestnutHuckleberry Chai Prune

7) I am generally able to compensate for my personality weaknesses.

Arctic Shores 1Arctic Shores 2

8) I am best suited to live in New Zealand.

the country that suits me best


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