The Source of Scots’ Strength

Irn Bru

The source of Scots’ strength is in Irn Bru, or “iron brew”. The neon orange alone wakes you up, and its similarity to Lucozade makes the Scots look like tough people who down energy drinks like cola. However, it is just soda and the power of the drink lies in its shock factor. I still prefer Coca Cola, and had not even noticed it in the fridges of supermarkets and corner shops until after my visit to Scotland in 2014.


3 thoughts on “The Source of Scots’ Strength

    • :O No champagne in Paris then? But I agree. Fizzy drinks, sparkling water…I much prefer still water to both (though I do like cream sodas, which aren’t that popular in Britain)! But actually, I didn’t notice many people drinking Irn Bru in Scotland – I should’ve paid more attention – but then I only really remember my time in the pubs, where the ales and beers were the drinks of choice…

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