Oxford Countdown

Things to do during my university life and visits as an alumna around Oxford:

  1. South Park Fireworks
  2. Christchurch Regatta
  3. Oxford Christmas Light Festival
  4. St. Giles Christmas Fair
  5. College Christmas Carol Service
  6. Sheldonian Christmas Carol Service
  7. Oxmas Formal
  8. Burns Night
  9. Turl Street Dash – actually an unofficial and slightly illegal event, I found out
  10. Ale Verses
  11. Torpids
  12. May Day 6am Choir
  13. The Beating of the Bounds
  14. Go through the tunnel into Lincoln on Ascension Day
  15. Corpus Christi Tortoise Race
  16. Summer Eights
  17. Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race – still haven’t been on Hammersmith Bridge for this
  18. Participate in the Oxford Triennial Greek Play
  19. Archaeological excavation
  20. College Ball
  21. Town Hall Ball
  22. College Bop
  23. College Guest Formal – never had any guests to invite to this
  24. Another College’s Formal
  25. Blurbs
  26. College Open Mic Night – didn’t see the point of a not-so-spontaneous open mic night
  27. College Pantomime
  28. Game of Quidditch
  29. Ashmolean Lower Cast Gallery
  30. Ashmolean LiveFriday Night
  31. Other Faculty Libraries
  32. Oxford Union Speaker Event
  33. Oxford Union Debate
  34. Oxford Union Play
  35. Drink a Themed Cocktail at the Oxford Union Bar
  36. Play Snooker in the Oxford Union Snooker Room – charged £2 per hour and had awkward opening times…
  37. Become a member of the Codrington library at All Souls College
  38. College Archivist’s Tour
  39. Disco Ice Skating
  40. University Parks
  41. Walk through Port Meadow to Wolvercote
  42. Swing like Tarzan across the river in Port Meadow – still hoping to do this in the future
  43. Walk northwards to Wolvercote
  44. Walk along the Oxford Canal down to Iffley Locks
  45. Blenheim Palace
  46. Oxfordshire Towns and Villages Sightseeing – need a car
  47. Write for the Cherwell
  48. Join a society committee
  49. All Museums and Galleries
  50. Student Theatre Production
  51. County Council Library
  52. Gloucester Green Market Day
  53. Town and Gown – sport not the priority
  54. uubbing (with tutors too as it turns out)
  55. Bill Spectre’s Ghost Tour
  56. Phoenix Picturehouse
  57. Ultimate Picture Palace
  58. University Sports Centre
  59. “And…Action!” Filming
  60. Try out for University Challenge
  61. Learn how to Punt (then picnic in a punt)
  62. Learn how to play Pool
  63. Learn how to play Croquet
  64. Harry Potter Film Locations
  65. Oxford Botanic Gardens
  66. Christchurch Meadows Picnic
  67. Do all that my Degree Course has to offer
  68. Burton Taylor Studio
  69. Oxford Playhouse
  70. Pegasus Theatre
  71. North Wall
  72. New Theatre
  73. Historic pub crawl
  74. Climb the tower of the University Church of St. Mary’s to view the city’s iconic ‘Dreaming Spires’ – and why not climb Carfax Tower as well
  75. Converse with the cows in Christchurch Meadows (following the example of a fellow animal-loving friend)
  76. Spot a deer in Magdalen College
  77. Listen to Robin Lane Fox
  78. Step inside the Randolph – the kitchen caught fire a little before my final term
  79. Stay in a former prison cell at the Malmaison – found a cheaper place to stay in the centre
  80. Picnic in the Botanical Gardens
  81. Inflict my karaoke singing on the diners at My Sichuan
  82. Go clubbing on an Asian pop night – maybe in the future…
  83. Get a seat in the insanely popular Edamame
  84. Drink cocktails out of tea cups and jam jars whilst listening to jazz, at the Mad Hatter
  85. Oxford Literature Festival
  86. See a victorious cox being thrown into the Isis.
  87. Espy someone doing the naked run around Radcliffe Square after (or so I’ve heard) losing 10 consecutive games of pool.
  88. Hear minstrels playing at am in the morning.
  89. Try out the adult exercise playground in Headington Park
  90. Explore Summertown
  91. Buy from the Fish Market in Osney Mead
  92. Play at the Thirsty Meeples
  93. See an Old Schools Quadrangle play
  94. Bate Collection
  95. Eat at Oli’s Thai – tables need to be booked roughly 3 months in advance…

Once in a student-lifetime opportunities I’m glad I did not miss:

  1. Watched the Worcester College ‘Play on the Lake’
  2. Participated in the Oxford Triennial Greek Play
  3. Heard a recital in All Souls College Chapel
  4. Saw the first ever 18+ play at the Oxford Playhouse

Why I should never under appreciate Oxford:

  1. Most of the reasons are enumerated on Buzzfeed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/43-reasons-living-in-oxford-ruins-you-for-life#49ps90g
  2. According to Tripadvisor it has one of the world’s Top Ten ghost tours (Bill Spectre’s Ghost Tour) and one of the world’s Top Ten quirky hotels (the Malmaison).
  3. Talking of Spectre, in my student days I used to live in Spectre (from Big Fish):St. Michael's Street
  4. Everything I needed was within 15 minutes walk from my room.

5 thoughts on “Oxford Countdown

    • Thank you! I graduated last year, after trying to make the most of my time at Oxford. I love reading your blog too – pretty much everything interests me! I was originally attracted by your posts on Japanese culture and biculturalism, and it was a happy coincidence to find that you and Taro are Oxonians – and Taro a Classicist!


      • Congratulations on your graduation. Yes, it certainly looks like you made the most of it! This list is so inspiring. Thank you so much! So glad you like reading it. It’s sometimes hard (as I’m sure you know) to keep up blogging with all the work, but it’s good fun. Where are you based now?


      • Having found a job that I am happy with, I am pleased to say that I have been working for some time at a digital marketing agency in Brighton. If you ever venture down to this happy and hippy city, do try Moshimo – it’s my favourite place to go in Brighton for sashimi.


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