Brexit boat – why join?

Brexit boat
My first reaction to the EU Referendum debate was to question why the UK would want to abandon its hard-won privileges, accumulated over the 20+ years that it had been a member of the EU, and why I would want to forsake an institution to which I felt a certain affinity, it being almost as old as myself. And when those in the Brexit camp were depicted as destroyers of EU values, and the debate was twisted into a moral one, with Brexit supporters accused of being intolerant, irresponsible, and regressive, the last thing I wanted to be associated with was the villainous Brexit camp. Listening to the arguments of both sides also made me prefer the “Remain” side, which made me feel more secure and which admitted the ailments of the EU more easily than the “Leave” camp were able to admit the negative impact Brexit would have on the UK.

However, after thinking beyond the economic losses, and I do think that there will be unavoidable economic losses, whatever some Brexiteers would have people believe, and putting them into perspective according to my own lifestyle, I am now thinking… Continue reading