Ai Weiwei at Blenheim Palace – exhibition notes

Food is a recurring theme in this artist’s portfolio, and last Sunday, when a friend and I visited the Ai Weiwei exhibition at Blenheim Palace, we were treated to a feast for the mind. Continue reading


Lod Mosaic – exhibition notes

Lod Mosaic

A 4th century Roman mosaic from Israel

A Roman mosaic from 300 AD found in 1996 in Israel was finally exhibited last year. Having been displayed in Paris and Berlin and toured the U.S. while its home is being constructed, the Lod Mosaic made its first appearance at Waddesdon Manor in June this year, and I managed to hitch a car ride there to see in the final week of the exhibition. If it’s coming to a museum near you, I would recommend a visit! If you have missed the opportunity or it has missed you, check it out here. Continue reading