Getting into the Spirit of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympics may be over but the Paralympics are about to start (7–18 September), and my exploration of Brazil continues. It struck me towards the end of the Olympics that the only Brazilian food I ever had tried was bolitas, which is actually called pão de queijo, so having begun my further tasting of Brazil with some awful-tasting spicy chilli samba and Brazilian salsa style Pringles – the former was boring and the latter was too salty, though I was too hyped up to admit to their faults before – here are some better ways to get into the Rio spirit.

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Spectre is just short of spectacular


People say it was always going to be tough to follow the success of Skyfall. Also, Skyfall left us in no doubt as to what the new 007 would be like: loyal, sensitive, and haunted by the past, with ever more personal missions. But the new James Bond film Spectre was not as predictable as it could have been, and made significant improvements to the weak areas of the last film. From positive to negative, here are my thoughts on the latest Bond film which was released yesterday. Continue reading