Tomato Tofu Egg Flower Soup

Love Poem to Tofu

Love Poem to Tofu, by Mong-Lan

A simple poem, but I like how the indentation and spacing of the lines evoke the slicing of the blocks of tofu. Here’s a recipe that uses tomatoes and a not-so-solitary beaten egg. Or rather, an approximation, since home cooking relies upon intuition rather than measurements. ‘Egg drop soup’ (the name I’ve never known this by) is drunk all over China but not always with the same ingredients (other than the egg). This is the Hong Kong / my home version of it. My household calls it 番茄荳腐蛋花湯 (tomato tofu egg flower soup), but you can call it 荳腐蛋花湯 (tofu egg flower soup) or 蛋花湯 (egg flower soup) too. Continue reading


Hong Kong monkeys


Monkey business


This Chinese New Year I don’t have much to celebrate. I’m a monkey and it’s my unlucky year. I do look back fondly though at my trip up to Kam Shan Park (金山公園) three years ago, when I last met the cheeky macaques who have made the park their home. Believe it or not, Hong Kong is not a concrete jungle – over two-thirds of Hong Kong is rural, and I myself lived in a nature reserve! The ancestors of these macaques were probably pets, and today they have lost none of their fearlessness of humans. So do pay them a visit if you’re ever passing through – only beware of leaving food or drink in sight since they are now expert pickpocketers. This one here is minding its own business…fortune-telling perhaps? Must be my kindred spirit in the animal kingdom.