Rhodes plaque compromise

Cecil Rhodes Statue facts

On Friday Oriel College finally decided to keep the statue of Cecil Rhodes on its façade facing Oxford’s High Street. I for one am glad that the issue has been resolved, and that February has not begun with a six-month long consultation over the future of a statue. Fees, funding, and student welfare must present more pressing problems. Continue reading


The White Rabbit: ‘Tasty but unimaginative and disorganised’ – restaurant review

The White Rabbit pub

Margherita Pizza and Mad Hatter Calzone at a gourmet pizza pub

Last term I was recommended pizza from The White Rabbit pub by a friend. I had walked past it on many occasions, and observed its boast of serving “gourmet artisan pizza”, but not being a fan of pub grub, had passed the opportunities to eat there. But now here was a recommendation, and my interest was piqued. Continue reading


Chatime: ‘The place to go for wacky combinations’ – café review

Chatime Hot Bubble Tea

A Taiwanese bubble tea franchise

The UK’s first bubble tea store opened in London in 2011. Since then bubble tea has taken the country by storm, and soon no British city will be complete without one.  What the West knows as ‘bubble tea’ we Chinese call ‘pearl tea’. The pearls refer to the dark, chewy tapioca balls inside the drink, while ‘bubble’ refers to the froth created by shaking the tea before serving. Last week, I paid a visit to the Chatime café in Oxford, which opened in September this year. Continue reading


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