Tënu: ‘Not a Finnish fairytale’ – restaurant review


A Finnish pop-up restaurant

On the last weekend before Christmas last year, I dined at Tënu, a Finnish pop-up restaurant. Opened by restauranteur and culinary designer Antto Melasniemi and Klaus Haapaniemi, its short December run in London corresponded with daily Twitter updates of the Tënu myth, the inspiration behind the restaurant. Enticed by the cuisine, which I had never eaten before, and media hype, I set about selling its tasting menu to my friends. It cost £49.50 per person as opposed to £49.50 for courses to be shared as I had thought, based on the advice on the Tënu website. Continue reading


Tincan: ‘Elevated the humble tin to à la carte status’ – restaurant review


A pop-up tapas restaurant serving gourmet tinned seafood

The Tincan pop-up tapas restaurant in Soho is unmistakable from afar. Rows of colourful tins give a metallic glow from their mounts on the smooth black walls, attracting passers-by in from the dark night. The decor is minimalistic – as clean and stylish as the serving of the food itself. Continue reading