Hi, my name is Pinky, a nostalgia-prone inhabitant in a fast-changing world. Here is my past, present, and future, in pigeon terms:

The Pink Pigeon flys!

I FLY: I love to travel and the next best thing, to be transported around the UK and to foreign lands through art, novels, music, plays, TV shows and films.



The Pink Pigeon pecks!

I PECK: An adventurous foodie, I will eat anything, just to try it. Except maybe for live, wriggling creatures. When I’m not eating food, I’m thinking about food.


The Pink Pigeon roosts!

I ROOST: I enjoy myself when I am not travelling or eating by catching up on the news, surfing the web, and blogging about my thoughts and discoveries.


I was born in HK but grew up largely in the UK, and one of my first memories of England was feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

My favourite food as a child in HK was squab, and I miss it immensely. I believe that when eating out, food should either be fun, authentic, meaningful, pretty, or fabulously delicious, otherwise there’s always the home kitchen to rely on. A picky eater when a child in Hong Kong, I’m now making up for lost tastings!

I wish I had a pigeon’s best qualities. Alas, I am small and jittery and my sight is far from keen.

I would like to, one day…

  • meet the rare pink pigeon, in a zoo or in its native Africa.
  • migrate back ‘home’ to HK.
  • be loved like the pigeon that was loved by Nikola Tesla (“as long as I had here, there was a purpose to my life“).
  • say, in the spirit of Winston Churchill,

We are all pigeons. But I believe that I am a pink pigeon.

World Map

Where this pigeon has flown


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